What Has Made PMIH One of the Most Reputable Business in the Industry


5 years ago, Ray Kakuda was tired of the stress and fatigure of the strenuous rat race. After climbing the corporate ladder and starting his own brick-and-mortar businesses, he knew that there must’ve been another option. One day, when scrolling through Facebook, he came across a friend’s post about online marketing – And that’s where the journey began. Putting in the hardwork, dedication, time and effort, he was able to close his other businesses and dedicate himself to building the company.

Fast forward to today, that company he had created had a name, PMIH (Project Make It Happen), and thousands of loyal members. But a lot has changed since then…

Initially, PMIH was designed to teach the average person and other businesses about the benefits and possibilities of becoming an online marketer. Ray wanted to show other people, like himself, that they could leverage the power of the ever-growing internet space to create a steady revenue stream.

The company has changed in many ways. PMIH, today, is designed around the ideas of integrity, growth and achievement. We believe that with the right system and mindset, anyone has the ability to reach their best selves.

Ray and his team have developed numerous training systems and products to provide anyone interested in online marketing with the knowledge and tools for the best start. With the MemberMe system, C4 Marketing Method training, and PMIH Elite, you’ll be set for success (Find out more about our products here).

However, in addition to the products we offer, what we are most proud of is the sense of community that we’ve built within the company. Each and every member is what makes PMIH what it is. We are a family. Whether it may be the PMIH group, open 24/7, to ask any questions or gain knowledge and advice, or the relationships (oversees and continental) that we’ve seen established over the past couple years. PMIH has become a business that truly cares about their members and stands out from the rest.









One of the most important concepts we teach at PMIH is about family and teamwork. We wouldn’t be the company we are without our team members who are there to answer your questions, fulfill projects and make it happen.

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