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What Is Project Make It Happen?

Project Make It Happen is an online marketing and education company specializing in helping individuals and businesses learn the skills necessary to effectively market on the internet. We are a community of like-minded individuals from around the world who are willing to step past the social norms and status quo in society and venture out into the online space to create value in the marketplace. We have worked tirelessly to create an effective micro-learning system comprised of online training, resources, tools and a supportive community. Our online training system and client support are unmatched in the industry. Through the use of high-tech and high-touch, we take you by the hand to create your own lucrative online business no matter what offer or field of endeavour you may be in. Project Make It Happen also offers an affiliate program, Project Make It Happen Elite, where our clients are able to market our online training products and earn affiliate commissions, some of which are ongoing based on the type of product sold.

It doesn’t take a degree or years of experience to generate an income online. Anyone who is willing to learn the skills of Online Traffic and Conversions as well as consistently works towards the end goal can be successful.

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What Makes Us The Best

We often hear from people who are looking to get different results iin their life but just don’t know where and how to start. We know exactly where they are at because the founders of PMIH were once there. That’s why we created Project Make It Happen. 

Project Make It Happen has created a Completely Managed Online Training Program with the newest person getting started in mind. The internet is a huge world in itself and for many people can be intimidating. We have taken the complexity and confusion out of the equation through our proprietary step by step and click by click training process. We believe in high tech as well as high touch. Our clients have access to weekly live online trainings with the goal of shortening the learning curve. Because our clients are from all over the world we also provide recordings of the live training to make them conveniently accessible 24/7. Do you like to meet people fact to face? Project Make It Happen also holds live events, giving you the chance to put a name to the face and learn from others in the community.



We hold you by the hand and guide you through the process of how to generate leads in an automated fashion.  No more making a list and talking to friends and family.  Let the power of the internet create traffic and leads on demand for you.


Through our proprietary process we help you capture leads on demand and build a list of hungry prospects looking for the exact offer that you have. The money is in the list and the fortune is in the follow up.


There is a lot of noise on the internet and the people who are most successful are the ones who are able to authentically connect with their audience. We help position your product/service in front of the right audience and make that connection.


At the end of the day it’s all about your profit and ROI (Return On Investment). We share our exact campaigns that have helped generate multiple 6-Figures a month for our clients so you can start converting your leads into sales and revenue.



Create Your Own Membership Subscription Business

Turn your Passions in Profits! PMIH MemberMe is a proprietary system specifically designed for the newest person in mind. Pursue you passion and inspiration in life and share it with the world through launching your very own online membership business and make money at the same time. Memberships businesses are on the rise and quietly behind closed doors there are people creating massive wealth through membership sites.  Project Make It Happen handles all of the “Tech Stuff” so you don’t have to worry about it. This shortens the learning curve significantly and allows you to go from newbie to online marketer in no time.

Do you consider yourself an introvert? Do you like to work “behind the scenes” rather than being in the spotlight? If so then the PMIH MemberMe is perfect for you!  Unlike other companies, who only provide you with a guide, our qualified coaches and staff work with you side-by-side to launch your site, develop and optimize your marketing campaigns and automate the entire system to start generating a predictable and sustainable monthly income online.  

From domain purchases to website hosting, email marketing, merchant account integrations, site building, customer support and more…We handle the hard stuff so you can focus on what matters the most – Creating Your Job Replacement Income!


Everything You Need To Know About Online Marketing

The C4 Marketing Method reveals what all the so called big online guru’s don’t want you to know.  Learn how to market any offer you have on the biggest social media platforms on the internet WITHOUT havng to ! Our 6-step training series was created to help the beginner start with the very basics of online marketing and grow their business into a multitude of social media channels. We reveal all you need to know in order to generate leads and convert sales on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and more.

The training content is constantly being updated. Once you have purchased the training, you will have access to all future updates and changes.


Earn Recurring Monthly Affiliate Commissions

As a Project Make It Happen Elite Member you have the ability to earn ongoing monthly affiliate commissions. Elite commissions are paid out monthly and include commissions earned from individual product sales, big ticket sales and recurring elite memberships.

Take your business to the next level as a PMIH Elite Member! Get priority access to all new product launches, trainings and live events. The PMIH Elite inner circle allows you to be part of a special mastermind group of other expert online marketers where you can learn from the people who are actually on the front lines making it happen.


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